These are the 10 hottest trends in the Internet of Things right now

Date of Release : 2016-09-07


The Internet of Things (IoT) is preparing to transform the way we live, from work to entertainment to transportation.

And as the IoT creeps toward mass adoption, a handful of trends have started to emerge with the space. AppCarouselrecently attended IoT World in Santa Clara, California and the Internet of Things Summit in London.

From those conferences, AppCarousel came away with 10 of the hottest trends within the space.

  1. Security is keyAs more and more devices become connected, the security of those devices, as well as their networks and data, will be of paramount importance for companies within the industry.
  2. The sale is not the end. Each category of the IoT is pushing to get devices onto the market, but manufacturers are focusing on the services that prop up those devices to enhance their businesses. To do this, they are developing ecosystems and service delivery platforms in order to get more mileage out of the devices beyond the sale.
  3. Everything as a service. AppCarousel believes devices will become a means to an end and will actually be secondary to the services they offer. For every piece of hardware (cars, wearables, etc.), a company is trying to come up with a way to transform it into a service.
  4. Companies want developers on their platformMany of the presenters at the conferences pointed to their open APIs to try to lure developers.
  5. The IoT is fragmented and proprietary. This creates an opportunity for companies such as Kii, Xively, SeeControl, and ThingWorx, which are trying to rectify this situation.
  6. There are behemoths that conquer every aspect of the IoTMany companies specialize in one subsection of the IoT, such as smart home or connected cars. But some titans (such as Intel, Samsung, GE, Honeywell, and Bosch) have the resources, manpower, and legacies to get their hooks into almost every aspect of the IoT.
  7. Government money and grants are flowing toward smart transportation and smart cities. These are the most complicated problems to solve, but they also hold the greatest benefits for the public. Many governments are also doing this in order to secure the future of tech companies within the IoT.
  8. Consolidation is taking placeNokia has acquired wearables company Withings. Under Armour is buying companies left and right. Intel Wind River purchased Arynga. AppDirect even bought AppCarousel. And acquisition in the IoT should continue through the remainder of 2016.
  9. IoT companies need places to show off their products. App stores, marketplaces, and catalogs are the current favorites and should fill up with more devices as companies ramp up production.
  10. Data will be kingThe IoT is already generating tremendous amounts of data, so now companies are trying to figure out how to monetize it.

From connected homes and connected cars to smart buildings and transportation, every aspect of our lives will be affected by the increasing ability of consumers, businesses, and governments to connect to and control everything around them.

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