ITC2016 Highlights

6th Iran Telecom Conference has been held by the coordination of Teyf Group on 25th May 2016 in Kish Island with the presence of different groups of managers, investors, and national and international specialists expressing their plans and strategies.

Mr. Mehdi Rohaninejad, Teyf Group CEO has started the event by his speech. In addition to CRA deputy speech regarding the developmental plans of CRA in new ITC industrial businesses, some national and international specialists expresses their ideas and viewpoints.

There also were held two specialized workshop with the subjects of “Iran Telecommunication Market, New Players” and “Iran mobile and broadband market regulatory problems and challenges” which opportunities and challenges of the subjects have been addressed. .

The Conference Highlights are summarized as following:


Dr. Mahdi Rohaninejad

Teyf Group CEO

  • Iran ICT market revenue is estimated to be 6 B$ now and it will reach to 20 B$ by 2020. Within these five years, traditional revenue share will decrease and broadband revenue share will become almost 3/5 times more.


Engineer Sabouhi

CRA deputy

  • Some CRA initiatives in making regulations for MVNOs includes, Implementation of national roaming plan in mobile networks, upgrading the mobile licenses to higher generations, issuance of 11 licenses for creation and operation of fixed telecommunications networks (FCP), issuance of 6 fixed communication services licenses (Servco), increasing monitoring geographic effective area from %35 to %54 and frequency monitoring band from 26.5 GHz to 110 GHz, Accreditation of 12 internal and 1 external laboratories for type approval testing of communication equipment, Compilation of criteria for child protection in utilization of mobile broadband services and forcing operators to provide children SIM card.



Value Partner Consulting Company Commercial partner

  • Providing financial services including making different communication channels, mobile banking, and mobile payment are the best opportunities for MVNOs in the market.


Dr. Email Sanaee

Aryahamrah CEO

  • Making and changing the smart meters are mostly considered in the concept of smart metering in Iran, and there is not enough advancement in other necessary layers such as communications, software and platform. Initial estimations from smart metering systems of power, water and gas in Iran requires huge investment of more than 10B$ which is just one of the opportunities in the ICT market in the IoT section.


Navid Mirmotahhari

HiWeb Technical Deputy

  • Developing rural internet broadband, e-health and e-education, smart metering in water and etc are investment opportunities in the Iran ICT sector.

jahan jaberi

Engineer Jahan Jaberi

Mobinnet senior manager

  • ثبات کمتر خدمات سیار، نیاز به نرخ‌های ترافیک بالاتر، کیفیت خدمات پایین در نقاط پرازدحام و دشوار بودن اجرای شبکه‌های ثابت سیمی، فرصت مناسب سرمایه‌گذاری و همکاری را برای توسعه‌ WiFi به علاوه‌ Small Cell در اماکن عمومی و پرازدحام همچون استادیوم‌ها و مراکز خرید بزرگ فراهم آورده است.

Alain Bureau

Alain Bureau

CEO Sisteer

  • MVNOs may be considered as a threat for MNOs, but it can be a strategic opportunity too.

Emon Holley

Eamon Holley

Legal manager DLA Piper

  • Two main requirements for regulatory are suitable mechanism and regulation implementations based on policies and executing them timely, fairly and in accordance with their possible violations.

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